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Lake District England

We awake to an ever-increasing bustle outside Nettle as our free camp for the night — a small car park by a stream, stone bridge and all — fills up with the other half of humanity whom I will never understand — morning people. It’s yet another beautiful day, although still very hazy, so we decide to take a sedate stroll along the stream before heading off. There are several possible walking trails we could take so I decide on the one all the oldies are going down.

Lake District England HDR

Lake District England HDR, 2

We’re leaving the Lake District today but I don’t feel like we’ve actually seen very much of it. Most of our time here was spent at a CL that looked like it could have been anywhere — an anonymous field in the countryside. I feel somewhat underwhelmed with the hikes we’ve done — beautiful but after the first couple of hours it was really just the same view from different angles. We briefly consider staying for a bit longer but with Scotland being our next destination I’m pretty eager to move on. Perhaps if we had more time, but we’ve only got two months left in the UK before our visas expire and with the pace at which we travel that’s not much time at all. So with mixed feelings, we head north to Galloway Forest Park — our first destination in Scotland.

This is the first national park we’re not going to for the scenery — or at least not any scenery on this planet. Galloway Forest Park is a dark sky park — light pollution levels here are controlled, which mean we should be able to see a lot of stars. We find out through another motorhomer at the site that there’s to be a meteor shower whilst we’re here. We can’t believe our luck… that is, until we pop our heads out each night and see absolutely nothing. The weather’s too warm and apparently the same haze that’s been making all our photos look over-exposed is just as effective at night. Our landlady tells us the best time for star gazing is a crisp clear winter’s night.

We can’t hang about hoping for clear skies however. We’ve got a date with a Belgian in Glasgow.

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