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Walking to Amalfi

Posted on by Michael

We’ve had a few days of inactivity (Katherine: recovery!) after our last walk, and lots of rain and cold (and staying inside in the warm, all cosy!). We continually surprise ourselves with our sometime reluctance to do things that we have dreamed about for years. This time, it was walking along the Amalfi coast (Yeah, I know. Bring on the … Continue reading

Chillin in San Lazzaro

Posted on by Michael

We’ve had a very quiet week or so, hanging around in our pretty little caravan park in San Lazzaro, working on projects, getting over a mysterious bout of food poisoning — just Katherine, oddly, not me. During a phone call to my mother (our knowledgeable consultant on all things), she revealed that apparently I have had an iron stomach since … Continue reading

Sentiero Degli Dei (Pathway of the Gods)

Posted on by Michael

It was a freezing morning, and thankfully we’d decided to start today’s activities around noon, because it took about that long to muster up the motivation to drag ourselves out into the cold (and rush to the heater!). We are soft. Half a cup of tea later, we ventured out into the fitful sunlight to catch a bus from the … Continue reading

Driving the Amalfi Coast

Posted on by Michael

We’ve visited the Amalfi Coast before, during the brief time we were travelling with our friends Tim, Jen and Annie. We have fond memories, and didn’t really do it justice last time (that, and Katherine has been wanting to re-visit the wonderful clothes shop she found in Positano), so we decided to visit again! Using my brilliant new-found POI database … Continue reading

Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast

Posted on by Michael

Our exodus from Rome was marked by some fearful Roman traffic; we crawled out of the city and finally reached the motorway. A quick detour while I attempted to find the Apple store that so eluded us in the city centre: Further research (that is, Apple’s website instead of Google Maps) had indicated that it was actually located outside the … Continue reading