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Penne, forever Penne

Posted on by Michael

Parked in Chieti the morning after the procession, we spent a long time trying to find a place to spend a few days, cheap with electricity and in an area with 3G. This turned out to be a bit tricky and frustrating (especially as our electrical power dwindled away — looks like our 118 amp hour leisure battery is dying … Continue reading

Chieti and the Good Friday procession

Posted on by Michael

Having arrived in the town of Chieti, we found the free parking reserved for campers; the signs at the car park read something like “Agli accampanare Nomadi”, presumably something about being reserved for nomads/Travellers, which would’ve made us a little nervous if it weren’t for the swanky-looking motorhomes parked around. We were there to see the Good Friday procession, apparently … Continue reading

Driving through Abruzzo (TomTom sucks)

Posted on by Michael

We never seem to get used to Italian opening hours, and find ourselves repeatedly being thwarted by the lunchtime closing — I think our main issue is our fairly relaxed morning routine, which usually leads to us not venturing out until late-morning. Today was no exception — after driving to the clutch of camper accessories shops (with a minor detour … Continue reading