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To the Loire Valley Via Denmark

Posted on by Katherine

This is when all hell breaks loose. As we’re making plans to meet up with our new friends again a bit further south, we’re told by Danish immigration that we have to register in person for our visas. We’d checked several times with various official people to make sure that we could do the entire process via the post, for … Continue reading

Why We’re Driving 630 Miles From Isle of Skye to Swansea

Posted on by Katherine

Way back when we were in Cornwall in August last year, I discovered a lump in my breast and pretty much thought I was going to die (well not really, but I was definitely freaked). After a gruelling weekend of pondering my mortality whilst waiting until my doctor’s appointment, I was given the all clear — just a cyst! He … Continue reading

El Jem

Posted on by Michael

We got up “early” (about 8-9) and left Samaris and Hammamet for the last time (probably). Completely forgot to ask the manager if he knew of any caravan parks to the south. Bit of an information drought on places to stay; probably because there aren’t any… We hit the motorway and drove south, stopping to fill our LPG tank at … Continue reading

First days in Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

We awoke outside the docks in La Goulette, Tunis, to the sound of the call to prayer from the nearby mosque. How exciting! We breakfasted, and prepared to head out. The first mission was to obtain some SIM cards so we could gain access to the Internet. We walked down the nearby main street — it was very foreign! Lots … Continue reading

Towards France: Youghal, Tenby, Chipping Sodbury, Dover

Posted on by Michael

Our time in Ireland coming to an end, it was time to meet the ferry to take us back to Pembroke, Wales. So, we drove east from Kerry for a few hours until we felt like stopping, then I arbitrarily picked a town on the sea that may yield a decent overnight spot. This turned out to be Youghal, a … Continue reading

Connemara National Park

Posted on by Michael

After a very scenic drive through the mountains, we arrived fairly early in Letterfrack, at the slightly-disappointingly-crowded visitor centre. With, refreshingly, most of the day ahead of us, we decided to do the 7km walk up to the top of a nearby mountain, Diamond Hill. The beginning of the walk, starting at the visitor centre, felt a bit like being … Continue reading