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Detained, But Not Deported: The Long Road to England Part 2

Posted on by Michael

We’re stuck in a very ill Nettle right outside the border control booths of the ferry port. It’s not quite the worst-case scenario we’d envisioned for this crossing, but… Well, it’s bad enough. I confirm the diagnosis by peeking at Nettle’s innards, and find myself at the frontier police office seeking assistance. In a way, it’s probably the best place … Continue reading

Into Belgium (Part 1, Jalapeños)

Posted on by Michael

It’s been two years from the start of this adventure, and our UK visa is about to expire. We’re not done yet, though — there’s so much still to see! So, we’ve applied for Danish visas, and booked a ferry across into Belgium from Hull. We catch up with Mike (and a very large portion of fish and chips!) one … Continue reading

UK-Bound: Seven Countries in Seven Days; Across Europe

Posted on by Michael

Our next day of driving began with our finally leaving Italy, or at least its official boundary. We drove by the lake near the border, emptied for some works on the drained lake bed and looking rather forlorn compared to the beautiful images Google Earth had shown me the day before while I was searching for potential wild-camps; then we … Continue reading

The great escape

Posted on by Michael

We awoke on our final day in Tunisia (and also our fourth anniversary!) with a feeling of great anticipation. Italy, baby! We finished up our final tasks, which including emptying the black water cassette into the nasty pit supplied, which was a particularly unpleasant experience when a splashback from the poorly-designed emptying facility hit me in the face!!! Freaking hell! … Continue reading

Sicily to Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

The Schengen visa arrangement under which we are able to travel without any prior visa-seeking — which is a brilliant thing to be able to do — has the caveat that we’re only allowed within the Schengen area (most of the EU) for 3 months out of every 6. For the rest of time, we must be elsewhere. Three months … Continue reading

Towards France: Youghal, Tenby, Chipping Sodbury, Dover

Posted on by Michael

Our time in Ireland coming to an end, it was time to meet the ferry to take us back to Pembroke, Wales. So, we drove east from Kerry for a few hours until we felt like stopping, then I arbitrarily picked a town on the sea that may yield a decent overnight spot. This turned out to be Youghal, a … Continue reading

Arrival in Ireland

Posted on by Michael

We turned up nice and early for the ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland’s South East, and sat in Nettle while I did some last-minute caravan park/wild camp/mobile Internet research from my painstakingly slow iPhone. Time came, and we were herded by friendly and jocular Welshmen onto the ferry, a big ol’ cruse-liner-esque thing: Nice and … Continue reading