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Venice: A City of Romantic Decay & Elegant Decline

Posted on by Katherine

Apparently in centuries past this city glowed with bright colours. What a site that must have been! The romantic decay of the city recalled to my mind the Japanese philosophy and style called wabi-sabi. As described by artist Serena Barton, wabi-sabi refers to the qualities of imperfection, aging, cycles of nature, and cycles of life. It values rust, patina, burnishing, … Continue reading

Why we love HDR

Posted on by Michael

I’m doing some post-processing of our recent photos, and thought I’d share some of the excitement that we still have from our new discovery. A late-afternoon landscape photo before HDR – There’s a choice of, say: With nice sky and sunny mountains in the background, with a black gaping void in the foreground, or, say: With visible foreground but overblown … Continue reading

Penne, forever Penne

Posted on by Michael

Parked in Chieti the morning after the procession, we spent a long time trying to find a place to spend a few days, cheap with electricity and in an area with 3G. This turned out to be a bit tricky and frustrating (especially as our electrical power dwindled away — looks like our 118 amp hour leisure battery is dying … Continue reading