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Over the Mountains: The Road to Barcelona

Posted on by Michael

We are going to Barcelona! We have a friend, Hayden, who lives there — we went to uni together, and he’s since moved over here to do a maths PhD (for some ungodly reason) — and we’re also meeting up with Sebastian, the friend with whom I’m doing Audiobus, who’s flying over for the week and staying with us. We … Continue reading

Cold snap, Part 2 (now with extra snap)

Posted on by Michael

We were prepared for the snow to be over, with forecast temperatures climbing back into the single positive digits (balmy!), but we are in for a surprise! We get up in the morning to see some fairly serious snow falling from the sky, although the ground is relatively bare. Over the next few hours, it keeps falling steadily, and we … Continue reading

Cold snap!

Posted on by Michael
Alet-les-Bains in the snow

Well we weren’t expecting this! Open the blinds in the morning, and the world’s gone white! Europe’s cold snap has reached us despite our little microclimate, but we’re not complaining — we get to have our winter-in-the-south-of-France cake and eat…snow…too… It gives us fond memories of our previous winter, spent in a farm house in Wales. It is pretty cold, … Continue reading

Winter in a Country Cottage in Wales

Posted on by Katherine

As I write this, I feel stupidly lucky. This house-sit really couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s quite literally, everything we were hoping for in a house-sit. It’s nestled in a valley amongst gently rolling hills in the picturesque Welsh countryside. The property and surrounding countryside has a generous smattering of those trees with the curly branches that I so … Continue reading

Across Le Marche and Umbria, Assisi

Posted on by Michael

We started our day with a brief walk alongside the lake we found to sleep by, with some nice views over the snowy Apennines. We found a perfect wildcamp just a hundred metres or so up the road, much prettier than where we’d parked — this always happens to us! We got back on the road for another very fine … Continue reading

Penne, forever Penne

Posted on by Michael

Parked in Chieti the morning after the procession, we spent a long time trying to find a place to spend a few days, cheap with electricity and in an area with 3G. This turned out to be a bit tricky and frustrating (especially as our electrical power dwindled away — looks like our 118 amp hour leisure battery is dying … Continue reading

Travel research, sheltering from the storm, foggy brain

Posted on by Michael

It’s a funny thing, being completely unconstrained in where we go and what we do. We could just go anywhere! It’s wonderful but also comes with a heavy research load, figuring out good places to visit! I’d discovered the alluring Apennines, a spectacular-looking mountain range in the region of Abruzzo, north east of our current position in Amalfi — some … Continue reading

Mount Etna, Part 1: Up the mountain

Posted on by Michael

I’ve been so wrapped up in writing software, the blogging has suffered! Time to catch up: Last time I wrote, we’d just left Selinunte, and had spent a night wild-camped on a hill overlooking the quite pleasant scenery near the road towards Mount Etna. So, we drove on, and caught our first glimpse of the volcano’s gigantic snowy peak soon … Continue reading