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Our Winter Migration

Posted on by Michael

Our string of errands in Copenhagen is coming to an end, and we start thinking about what we’ll do next. We’re thinking it’d be nice to see a bit of Germany while we’re up this way, and I get as far as booking myself into an Apple developer event in Berlin, before Katherine’s emergency tooth extraction appointment ends up conflicting … Continue reading

ZOMG Puffins!

Posted on by Katherine

Puffins are the cutest birds On. The. Planet. It is undeniable. Nobody who would disagree. And we are going to see hoards of them today! At least we better. I’ve got no idea what to expect, but from what I’ve experienced of these types of wild-life spotting tours in the past, I’m not getting my hopes up (except that I … Continue reading

Winter in a Country Cottage in Wales

Posted on by Katherine

As I write this, I feel stupidly lucky. This house-sit really couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s quite literally, everything we were hoping for in a house-sit. It’s nestled in a valley amongst gently rolling hills in the picturesque Welsh countryside. The property and surrounding countryside has a generous smattering of those trees with the curly branches that I so … Continue reading

Last days in Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

We’ve had a very relaxed and pleasant final few days in Tunisia. The caravan park we found, La Pineta, which is fittingly Italian, was great — we were surrounded by pine trees, parked on gravel with patches of thick grass and bright yellow flowers, right beside the beach. There were lots of little birds around us, including a fascinating long-beaked … Continue reading

Roveto wetland reserve, Noto

Posted on by Michael

For the final time, we met Nuccio and Graziella in Linguaglossa in the morning — Our plans for the day were to visit the Roveto wetland reserve way down to the south, a spot Nuccio was fond of. It’s quite near the south-east tip of Sicily, and just a short hop over the ocean was Africa (!), and many migratory … Continue reading

The Causeway Route, Day 2

Posted on by Michael

Having woken up and found ourselves in a car park in Cushendall, we set off again in bright sunlight down a small suburban road recommended to us, off the official Causeway route. To our great pleasure it quickly became a winding rural road, snaking through rolling emerald-and-yellow patchwork hills punctuated by four-or-five-house proto-villages. Sometimes the road was perched on hillsides … Continue reading