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Pretending to be Romans

Posted on by Michael

Wow, we’ve really got slow travelling down now — we’ve stayed at the last two places for more than two weeks! It’s a very, very relaxed pace which occasionally invokes tiny stabs of guilt for me (we should be racing around seeing everything we possibly can!), but it permits us to make a proper life of it, and that’s one … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Success! A whole night and morning with not a whiskey-seeker to be seen! We got up, threw all our warm gear on and headed out into the freezing day in Tunis. We had a big list of things to find — throw rugs to keep us warm while we’re sitting around in Nettle, a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse for … Continue reading

Errand day in Gafsa

Posted on by Michael

Mmm, toasted stale baguette slices for breakfast today. We tried to put it off another day, but it was time to go shopping, lest we be reduced to dry cereal for every meal, until that runs out and we start on the crumbs we find at the back of the cupboard. As is our way lately, slightly embarrassingly, it wasn’t … Continue reading

Douz Market

Posted on by Michael

Every Thursday, everyone who lives anywhere near Douz swarms in from the surrounding villages to join the weekly market. There’s a square underneath the palm trees where animals are bought and sold; lining the sandy streets there are stalls selling second-hand socks, shoes, belts, clothing of every kind, radios, cellphones, kitchen accessories and whitegoods, furniture, generators, satellite dishes, hoses, tools, … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

We survived the night, without getting broken into or abducted, had breakfast and waved to our security guard friend. We got back on the road, and drove the 50 km into the city of Sfax. We inched our way through the city traffic, weaving around pedestrians and motorbikes (not the other way around, of course), and with minimal pain found … Continue reading

Down to business

Posted on by Michael

With a few days of fun and frivolity over and done with, it’s time to knuckle down and get to work finding our new home. This is made much easier with our mobile broadband, and we’re spending most of our time trawling eBay, Gumtree and one or two other forums for likely motorhomes. We moved on from Islington, and went … Continue reading