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1 Month in Barcelona

Posted on by Katherine

Most of our days in Barcelona, as has become our habit, are spent quietly working away in Nettle. We often joke that we live a normal life, like anybody else, except the view out our window changes. Currently, my studio window overlooks a little bit of Australia, planted and thriving in Barcelona: Barcelona Day Trip #1 When we do venture … Continue reading

Shopping in York

Posted on by Katherine

One of the major downsides with our motorhome-based lifestyle is that we never stay in towns or cities. We’re always in a field somewhere, which is lovely but sometimes I do miss the joys of urban living. I’d quite like to be able to stay in town every now and then and walk to a funky little cafe and do … Continue reading

Errand day in Gafsa

Posted on by Michael

Mmm, toasted stale baguette slices for breakfast today. We tried to put it off another day, but it was time to go shopping, lest we be reduced to dry cereal for every meal, until that runs out and we start on the crumbs we find at the back of the cupboard. As is our way lately, slightly embarrassingly, it wasn’t … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Our first stop towards Dingle was Inch, a place recommended to us in Galway. A little narrow road took us in, and we were met by the sight of a long sweeping sandy beach with mountains wreathed in cloud behind. We were excited to see a host of motorhomes parked on the beach and, thinking we’d found a pretty cool … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Arriving in Galway, from the Connemara area, we made a beeline to the harbour, which often represents a promising spot to park for the night. This time, it didn’t look so good — somewhat on the industrial side, not surprisingly — so we pulled over for a quick stint of online research, and found out that the nearby promenade had … Continue reading

Down to business

Posted on by Michael

With a few days of fun and frivolity over and done with, it’s time to knuckle down and get to work finding our new home. This is made much easier with our mobile broadband, and we’re spending most of our time trawling eBay, Gumtree and one or two other forums for likely motorhomes. We moved on from Islington, and went … Continue reading