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Posted on by Katherine

I’m really looking forward to Edinburgh. The Lonely Planet’s description of the city is enchanting: “Edinburgh is a city that just begs to be explored. From the vaults and wynds that riddle the Old Town to the picturesque urban villages of Stockbridge and Cramond, it’s filled with quirky, come-hither nooks that tempt you to walk just that little bit further. … Continue reading

Wandering Venice with Simpatici

Posted on by Michael

There’s something about being in a place with friends who are locals to the area — it anchors the place, makes it feel more real and accessible than just being a visitor, on the outside looking in through the distorting filter that is tourism. So, we’d leapt at the opportunity to visit Venice with our new friends Andrea and Silvia, … Continue reading

Ksar Ouled Soltane and Chenini

Posted on by Michael

We awoke in our Ksar home, to the very loud and rather grating call to prayer coming from the mosque right beside us. Whew! We’ve definitely heard some nicer voices. We dozed for a while and got up, waved to the friendly hotel attendant guy, squinted at our maps for a moment, and headed off, bound for Tataouine. A little … Continue reading

Mount Etna, Alcantara River, etc

Posted on by Michael

After a day of downtime, we drove up from the caravan park on the coast to Linguaglossa, north-east of Mount Etna, where we were to meet up with Nuccio and Carmelo. We parked Nettle by a park in the town, and were shortly joined by Nuccio, with warm greetings all round. Nuccio drove us around the corner to pick up … Continue reading

Belfast Taxi Tour

Posted on by Michael

For our final day in Belfast, we were doing a Taxi tour, which gives an insight into the Troubles, among other things (see the route here). We filled up our LPG tank in a little petrol station on Shankill Road, every surface covered with the Union Jack. We parked in a car park just off Shankill Road (which, for reasons … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

After our long walk, and quite possibly over-staying our welcome at Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park we moved on, to one of the certificated locations in Keynsham, a half-hour-or-so drive from Bath, and a relatively pleasant and uneventful drive from Bath Chew Valley. Much more sensibly-priced — something like £5/night. This was a grassy field next door to two very … Continue reading