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Equipment: How we’re staying connected to the Internet in Europe

Posted on by Michael

A while ago I wrote about how we’ve been using local, prepaid mobile broadband to get online while we travel. We’ve had pretty good success on that front, even finding a provider in Tunisia! Our most satisfying success was in the UK recently, where 3 unveiled a totally unlimited mobile broadband account. All my Christmases came at once, that day. … Continue reading

Money abroad

Posted on by Michael

My mother, who has been spectacularly helpful in offering advice and helping to kick ideas around has done some research for us on how to manage money while we’re travelling. It turns out that, almost universally, banks are charging exorbitant fees to access money internationally – the 2% ‘currency conversion’ fee is one particularly common one, which can be a … Continue reading

Research on mobile broadband

Posted on by Michael

I have, with much assistance from Louise, my ‘virtual assistant’ living in Spain, determined a feasible way to stay connected. The main considerations were Wifi (open/paid) Mobile broadband (3G) from the UK, and roaming Getting a local mobile broadband account upon entry to a new country Mobile satellite The conclusions are: Wifi: Not accessible enough, particularly if we plan to … Continue reading

Living on the road: Food notes

Posted on by Michael

To give us a hand, my also-travel-bugged mother has compiled an impressive list of ingredients, utensils, and other bits and pieces that she and her partner Chris pack when they’re travelling with their camper trailer. She has also listed a whole bunch of recipe ideas. The guide was so helpful I thought I’d post it here.

Campervan purchasing notes

Posted on by Michael

Some research on buying a campervan in Europe. Note: This post is a work in progress