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We are Katherine Herriman & Michael Tyson. We began Technomadics in June of 2009 to chronicle our vagabond lifestyle. Having escaped the financial burden of rent and bills, and reclaimed our life from full-time jobs, we’ve since pursued our dreams with determination and passion -- Katherine with her art and Michael with his software development business.

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Thirteen Months of Audiobus


Tomorrow, Monday December 10, my friend and partner-in-crime Sebastian Dittmann and I are launching a project over twelve months in the making: Audiobus. We’re very proud of what we’ve managed … Continue reading


Detained, But Not Deported: The Long Road to England Part 2


We’re stuck in a very ill Nettle right outside the border control booths of the ferry port. It’s not quite the worst-case scenario we’d envisioned for this crossing, but… Well, … Continue reading


The Long Road to England: Part 1


After much daydreaming about fish and chips, bagels, ubiquitous 3G internet and speaking English again, the time has arrived to jump back on the autoroutes of France and drive back … Continue reading


Lavender Fields & Hot Air Balloons


I do realise that a good chunk of you are probably gagging on the glitterbomb of glory that has been my birthday proceedings so far, but I’m not quite done … Continue reading


Birthday Calanquing


For Katherine’s big three-zero birthday, our plan was to hire us some kayaks and paddle around some sea cliffs and tranquil cyan water. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite turn out that … Continue reading


Hiking the Calanques on the French Riviera


When we saw photos of the French Riviera’s calanques — fjord-like inlets carved into the white limestone — the problem of where we were going to spend my 30th birthday … Continue reading


Three Years On The Road: The Story So Far


We reached a milestone this week: Three years since we left Australia to come and travel around Europe. Three years ago, we packed up/sold our stuff, said farewell to family … Continue reading


1 Month in Barcelona


Most of our days in Barcelona, as has become our habit, are spent quietly working away in Nettle. We often joke that we live a normal life, like anybody else, … Continue reading


Camp Audiobus


After arriving in Barcelona, we spend a few days just hanging around, doing a few bits and pieces on Audiobus, wandering around the town of Calella nearby. It’s all slightly … Continue reading


Over the Mountains: The Road to Barcelona


We are going to Barcelona! We have a friend, Hayden, who lives there — we went to uni together, and he’s since moved over here to do a maths PhD … Continue reading