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One day left. Not tomorrow morning, but the morning after that, we’re getting on a plane to re-invent our lives. We are both getting stabs of fear when we think about it, but that’s probably a sign we’re doing the right thing. As Katherine said earlier, the antidote is to think about the alternative

We’ve spent the last week meeting up with family, saying our goodbyes, and back at home working through to-do lists. I’m definitely feeling some sadness at leaving some much-loved people behind, although I’ll have Europe-wide Internet access to stay in frequent contact.

Dropped my car off today, to a guy in Upwey, for $300. Not too shabby, given the car in question. Funny, though, that $300 is all I have to show for the transition between having a car, still generally such an empowering thing in our culture, and not having a car.

So, I think we’re pretty much ready to go; maybe one or two minor things left on the to-do list.

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