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How a Week Doing Not a Whole Lot Was One of the Best Weeks of our 14 Months on the Road in Europe – Part 1

Posted on by Katherine

This past week has been one of the highlights of our entire trip. We didn’t see any grand sites or explore any exotic locations. We spent a leisurely week with the lovely Daniel and Shakti! Daniel’s an old friend of Mike’s — they went to primary and high school together — and he visited with his charming partner Shakti, who … Continue reading

Tripe in Preggio: There’s stomach in my stomach

Posted on by Michael

We’ve spent a day and a night at a sunny farmhouse just outside a delightful little country town! We were treated to thousand-course meals and fascinating conversation with a wonderfully friendly and interesting Italian couple who’ve travelled the world, set up a tourist lodge in Kenya, who paint and dance and moved from Italy’s urban north to set up a … Continue reading

Down-time in Hammamet

Posted on by Michael

We arrived at Camping Samaris near Hammamet with the intention of staying put for a few weeks, and having some time off travel. We got so caught up in projects during that time though, that a few weeks turned into two months. I finished off a project, Talkie, and got it on the market, as well as working on some … Continue reading

Arrival in Ireland

Posted on by Michael

We turned up nice and early for the ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare in the Republic of Ireland’s South East, and sat in Nettle while I did some last-minute caravan park/wild camp/mobile Internet research from my painstakingly slow iPhone. Time came, and we were herded by friendly and jocular Welshmen onto the ferry, a big ol’ cruse-liner-esque thing: Nice and … Continue reading

Living on the road: Food notes

Posted on by Michael

To give us a hand, my also-travel-bugged mother has compiled an impressive list of ingredients, utensils, and other bits and pieces that she and her partner Chris pack when they’re travelling with their camper trailer. She has also listed a whole bunch of recipe ideas. The guide was so helpful I thought I’d post it here.