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Three Years On The Road: The Story So Far

Posted on by Michael

We reached a milestone this week: Three years since we left Australia to come and travel around Europe. Three years ago, we packed up/sold our stuff, said farewell to family and friends, got on a plane, and arrived in London. We discovered our new home-on-wheels, Nettle, after just two weeks of looking, thanks to my first cousin once removed, Trevor … Continue reading

7 Links: Airing Out the Archives

Posted on by Michael

We’ve been handed a baton by our friend Keith Savage to continue a travel blogging meme: Taking the blog archives out for some fresh air! Who are we to argue! Time to get reminiscent: Most Popular Siena Duomo – The Gothic Marvel the Renaissance Forgot — When we first heard about this place, we knew we had to go there … Continue reading

Reflections on being digital nomads, one year in

Posted on by Michael

Katherine: Our one year digital nomad vagabonding anniversary came and went the day before yesterday unacknowledged. This time last year we awoke to our new tabula rasa life in a BnB in Camden, London having just flown in the day before. I think a little reflection is in order. Then On the 31st May last year I wrote this in … Continue reading

Lessons and Observations

Posted on by Michael

Here are some things we’ve learned so far, both logistical and otherwise. First and foremost: We’re finding that travel by motorhome is a wonderful way to see the world. It allows one to immerse in the world far more than other kinds of travel, especially when ‘wild-camping’ out in it; it permits travelling at one’s own pace, with the ability … Continue reading