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Douz through Chott el-Jérid to Gafsa

Posted on by Michael

We’ve spent a few days of ‘down-time’ in Douz, working on projects — an activity we both love at least as much as actually travelling. But, the time has come to move on. Our new German friends Birgit and Deiter had poetically described the amazing view of the stars from out in the desert, and we were keen to see … Continue reading

Camels in the Sahara

Posted on by Michael

After some back-and-forth between Brahim, the helpful guy at the Douz Camping Club reception with the very throaty Arabic-accented French, and our knowledgeable German friends Birgit and Dieter, we came up with a plan to spend a few hours out in the Sahara on camels. We had the option to do an overnight trip (or even a week-long trip), but … Continue reading

Towards Douz

Posted on by Michael

We woke in our ksar, and I walked down to the main street in search of bread and a few other bits and pieces — I ended up with three crisp, fresh baguettes, which we set upon eagerly with Saïd chocolate spread, honey and jam. I filled up our freshwater tank and said farewell to our friend who showed us … Continue reading

Ksar Ouled Soltane and Chenini

Posted on by Michael

We awoke in our Ksar home, to the very loud and rather grating call to prayer coming from the mosque right beside us. Whew! We’ve definitely heard some nicer voices. We dozed for a while and got up, waved to the friendly hotel attendant guy, squinted at our maps for a moment, and headed off, bound for Tataouine. A little … Continue reading