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Motorhoming like it’s 2009

Posted on by Michael

…Just like that, we’re motorhomers again! We’ve spent a fairly relaxed few days preparing Nettle and ourselves for our reunion — a bit of mould-removal (bloody mould!!), fridge-cleaning, reorganising our stuff, and cleaning the water tank — which involved an interesting little indoor flood when a plastic widget broke (there’s always something!). We repeatedly postponed our departure, waiting on our … Continue reading

Nettle’s birthday

Posted on by Michael

We’re terrible with this date stuff — it just occurred to me to check, and we’ve lived in Nettle for a year, a week, and four days now. Happy birthday, Nettle! It’s interesting reading through the first blog entry after we got Nettle — particularly, the comparatively low cost of fuel (we pay $25 AUD per 100kms now, as opposed … Continue reading

Energy notes

Posted on by Michael

These are my fairly raw notes from working through our energy availability issue after getting some help on — running 2 laptops all day, self-sufficiently, to allow us to wild-camp more. I couldn’t find a solution that was sufficiently satisfactory to lure us away from paid, powered sites. If we get desperate, we may buy a generator one day, … Continue reading

Lessons and Observations

Posted on by Michael

Here are some things we’ve learned so far, both logistical and otherwise. First and foremost: We’re finding that travel by motorhome is a wonderful way to see the world. It allows one to immerse in the world far more than other kinds of travel, especially when ‘wild-camping’ out in it; it permits travelling at one’s own pace, with the ability … Continue reading

Towards Belfast

Posted on by Michael

Having woken up and gone through our morning routine, security intact and all belongings accounted for (it was our first wildcamp, so we were admittedly a little nervous), it was time to start the journey towards Belfast, for an art therapy short course Katherine had booked months in advance, when all this seemed a lifetime away. Our first stop was … Continue reading

Oxfordshire, Cardiff and Pembroke

Posted on by Michael

The day after Bath was a bit of a loss, recreationally speaking: A drive to Nettle’s home town to get her LPG tank put in and a couple other bits and pieces, then onwards towards Oxford, with a lengthy stop-over to get some supplies at B&Q, a Bunnings-like establishment, then eventually to another Certificated Location (CL) club site in Faringdon, … Continue reading

On the road

Posted on by Michael

It’s our fourth day in our new motorhome, and we’re loving it. Being able to take our house wherever we go is just brilliant, and living in it is a bit like being a kid again: Everything is fun and exciting — even doing the dishes. So, here’s the info: It’s a Fiat Hymer B594, ‘A’ Class Fiat Ducato 2.5 … Continue reading

Staying in Solihull

Posted on by Michael

While setting ourselves up with a motorhome, we stayed in Solihull, a borough just outside of Birmingham where my grandparents grew up. We were picked up from the train station by Trevor, my something-cousin-something-removed and Keith, his father in law, my grandfather’s brother, and therefore my great uncle (I’m getting good at this) and driven to Keith and Olga’s (my … Continue reading

Bishop Sutton

Posted on by Michael

Having just loaded our bags into our new motorhome, who we’ve decided to call Nettle, and found places for things (still sitting in Steve the dealer’s driveway), we spent a little while online searching for a place to stay for the first night. We wanted somewhere close, but the best candidate was completely full, so we settled on one in … Continue reading

On motorhome insurance

Posted on by Michael

A summary of efforts to find an insurer to cover two young Australian motorhomers travelling full-time through UK and Europe.

Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

We’ve found our new home! The whole thing went infinitely more smoothly than we expected — it was the second motorhome we looked at, too. In Birmingham (specifically, Solihull), we stayed with Keith and Olga, my great aunt and uncle, and met Trevor and Jane, my…first cousin, once removed, according to Yahoo answers, and her husband. They are fulltime motorhomers … Continue reading