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Portree, Isle of Skye

Posted on by Katherine

Today we drive to the Isle of Skye. We’ve been looking forward to the Isle of Skye since before we left Australia. Don’t bugger it up Scotland! The weather has cleared up a bit today, and we’re rewarded with an impressive mountain-scape as we drive to Portree, where we’re meeting Keith and Sarah. Our short drive through the little town … Continue reading

Making Friends and Meeting Family in Scotland

Posted on by Katherine

We have a very sociable few days coming up. First, we’re meeting up with some quasi-distant relatives of Mike’s and then an American couple who we’ve met online through the travel twittersphere. We drive back via Loch Tay and Glen Lyon, as we can’t get enough of scenery like this: We do a walk on the way to meeting Dennis … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Success! A whole night and morning with not a whiskey-seeker to be seen! We got up, threw all our warm gear on and headed out into the freezing day in Tunis. We had a big list of things to find — throw rugs to keep us warm while we’re sitting around in Nettle, a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse for … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

We left Gafsa today and drove a couple of easy hours north to the town of Sbeitla, a town beside a far more ancient Roman town, Sufetula. Sufetula is now ruins, but quite well preserved ones. Along the way, and for our drive afterwards, we were amazed by our treatment as we drove through little towns — everywhere, people waved … Continue reading