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Us at Connemara National Park, Ireland

We are: an independent iPhone, iPad and Mac software developer and wannabe entrepreneur called Michael, and an artist called Katherine, currently travelling through Europe in a motorhome called Nettle.

We still aren’t quite sure when we made the decision, but at some stage we decided we were going to travel Europe. The idea developed from there into a desire to live in Europe for a time, travelling around — a concept that was made a possibility after Katherine’s idea of travelling in a motorhome. The logistics of such an exercise led to a need to redefine our lifestyle in general, which included finding a way to finance our adventures.

Around the same time as our musings, I discovered a great love of creating cool software, and so began my obsession that continues today as A Tasty Pixel, and has resulted in four products so far: Loopy, Talkie, Talkie for Mac and our latest product tailor-made for our travelling lifestyle, The Cartographer. Amazingly, and quite conveniently, I actually get paid for indulging in this obsession, and so we were presented with at least a provisional plan for maintaining our finances.

Nettle in Kerry, IrelandEverything conspired in our favour — one stroke of good luck after another, as well as some very helpful house-sitting offers. Soon enough, we landed in the UK from Australia in mid-2009, bought our beloved Hymer motorhome (dubbed ‘Nettle’), and have been inventing a new lifestyle for ourselves since then.

Our guiding principle has been ‘slow travel’, a form of living that goes beyond tourism and instead strives to make a sustainable lifestyle out of travelling, with emphasis on making time to follow our dreams. I run A Tasty Pixel, over a mobile broadband Internet connection where-ever we happen to be, when I’m not “working” towards finishing off my Computer Science PhD. Katherine is building her art business from the ‘studio‘.

We aim to take our time, staying in places that capture our imagination, making connections with places and people, and taking advantage of all the good fortune that’s come our way.

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