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Shopping in York

Posted on by Katherine

One of the major downsides with our motorhome-based lifestyle is that we never stay in towns or cities. We’re always in a field somewhere, which is lovely but sometimes I do miss the joys of urban living. I’d quite like to be able to stay in town every now and then and walk to a funky little cafe and do … Continue reading


Posted on by Katherine

We spend the next four days recovering from our long trudge. I’ve never been this sunburnt in my life. I didn’t even know you could get sunburnt in the UK. I would dearly love to have a shower after our hot, sweaty hike but the best I can manage is a sponge bath a couple of days later. When I … Continue reading

Bath: Third Time’s the Charm

Posted on by Katherine

It’s strange, I’ve been to Bath three times and have had three birthdays in England, yet I’ve only spent a total of about three months in this country. They say the third time’s the charm and I think, on this occasion at least, it certainly is. Mike and I were staying just outside of town and cycled in via some … Continue reading

First day in Salerno

Posted on by Michael

Italy! [Audio clip: view full post to listen] (Busker in Salerno) We awoke in the late morning, after a wonderful sleep, to the cosy sound of rain on the roof, washing all the salt from the long voyage off Nettle’s flanks. We had nice and hot, refreshing showers, and by the time we were all dressed and ready to head … Continue reading