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York Shopping_Cath Kidston

One of the major downsides with our motorhome-based lifestyle is that we never stay in towns or cities. We’re always in a field somewhere, which is lovely but sometimes I do miss the joys of urban living. I’d quite like to be able to stay in town every now and then and walk to a funky little cafe and do a bit of window shopping along the way.

Today, I’m feeling very grateful for my bike as it means I can cycle into York without navigating any public transport and I’ll be there within half an hour. I’m really looking forward to wandering around alone, at my own pace, and taking my time in the multitude of cute little shops.

I end up taking about double the time I should to get into town as I can’t help but stop and take photos of the diverse chimneys I see along the way. I’m thinking about painting a “chimneys of the UK” series.

Chimneys of York HDR

York Chimneys

York is everything I was hoping Edinburgh would be and I’ve really been looking forward to exploring it. Mike doesn’t really do aimless wandering, he’s very goal oriented when we’re out and about so I revel in my complete freedom to flit down any little lane that takes my fancy. I came in today to do some shopping, but I find myself spending most of my time taking photos instead. I get about an hour of shopping in before the shops close and I decide to come in again tomorrow.

York England Shopping

The next day I manage to get a tad more shopping done, although I still seem to be taking an obscene amount of photos, and snag myself a cute hat, bag, pair of knickers and shoes for Mike. I’ve now visited the achingly quaint Shambles on three separate days and taken photos of it each time! I’m really glad I did though, as it wasn’t too crowded on the third occasion and I managed to get some decent photos.

The Shambles York

The Shambles_York HDR

I’m sure if Mike were here, he’d find my lack of method absolutely maddening, as I find myself going down the same streets several times throughout the day. He would have pulled out the iPhone long ago and devised a more efficient route. I manage to convince Mike to leave his laptop long enough to meet me in town for lunch. I spotted a Nandos when we were in town with York-Mike the other day. It’s a spicy burger and chips chain I thought only existed in Australia, as we haven’t seen any since leaving. I very excitedly order a peri peri chips with perinnaise and get a sandwich from Pret a Manger — a sandwich chain I fell in love with the first time I was in the UK.

After lunch we grab some take away coffee from the same cafe York-Mike took us to the other day (it’s only the second place in the UK in which we’ve found good coffee). We take it to the lovely park behind the Minster and enjoy sitting in the sun for a while.

York Minster Park

York Minster HDR

Technomadics Katherine and Mike

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