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The great escape

Posted on by Michael

We awoke on our final day in Tunisia (and also our fourth anniversary!) with a feeling of great anticipation. Italy, baby! We finished up our final tasks, which including emptying the black water cassette into the nasty pit supplied, which was a particularly unpleasant experience when a splashback from the poorly-designed emptying facility hit me in the face!!! Freaking hell! … Continue reading

Last days in Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

We’ve had a very relaxed and pleasant final few days in Tunisia. The caravan park we found, La Pineta, which is fittingly Italian, was great — we were surrounded by pine trees, parked on gravel with patches of thick grass and bright yellow flowers, right beside the beach. There were lots of little birds around us, including a fascinating long-beaked … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Success! A whole night and morning with not a whiskey-seeker to be seen! We got up, threw all our warm gear on and headed out into the freezing day in Tunis. We had a big list of things to find — throw rugs to keep us warm while we’re sitting around in Nettle, a laptop stand, keyboard and mouse for … Continue reading

Dougga – Tunis

Posted on by Michael

We awoke blearily in darkness with the blaring cacophony of the early morning call to prayer, from a mosque that must’ve been right beside one of our silliest wildcamps ever. We fell back asleep once it had ended, and awoke a little later with village life in full swing around us, horns beeping, engines roaring, people walking by, shouting. Deciding … Continue reading

First days in Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

We awoke outside the docks in La Goulette, Tunis, to the sound of the call to prayer from the nearby mosque. How exciting! We breakfasted, and prepared to head out. The first mission was to obtain some SIM cards so we could gain access to the Internet. We walked down the nearby main street — it was very foreign! Lots … Continue reading

Sicily to Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

The Schengen visa arrangement under which we are able to travel without any prior visa-seeking — which is a brilliant thing to be able to do — has the caveat that we’re only allowed within the Schengen area (most of the EU) for 3 months out of every 6. For the rest of time, we must be elsewhere. Three months … Continue reading