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Roveto wetland reserve, Noto

Posted on by Michael

For the final time, we met Nuccio and Graziella in Linguaglossa in the morning — Our plans for the day were to visit the Roveto wetland reserve way down to the south, a spot Nuccio was fond of. It’s quite near the south-east tip of Sicily, and just a short hop over the ocean was Africa (!), and many migratory … Continue reading

Etnapolis, Randazzo, Mount Etna lowlands, Aci Castello

Posted on by Michael

We met Nuccio again the next day, along with Graziella and Nuccio’s mum, who we took an instant liking to, although she didn’t speak English. She had a friendly, playful demeanour that was very disarming. Our plans for the day this time were to visit Etnapolis, a shopping centre south of Etna — Italy’s largest shopping centre, Nuccio told us … Continue reading

Mount Etna, St Martins day and the Club Alpino Italiano

Posted on by Michael

We awoke on the mountain, breakfasted, and drove down the road a little to the start of a walking track we had planned. We were met with quite open, grassy terrain, dotted with autumnal birch trees, and the bald grey hills of ex-craters poking out. And the faint smell of sulphur (not, as it turned out, Nettle’s grey water tank). … Continue reading

Mount Etna, Mount Zoccolaro and Valle de Bove, Part 2

Posted on by Michael

We woke to the tantalising vision of that beautiful red, orange and yellow hillside out the window, and lay for a time just soaking it in — it’s pretty amazing that we can wake up in a place like this (and still get up to a hot shower!). Man, getting a motorhome was the best idea ever. Newly enthused by … Continue reading

Mount Etna, Mount Zoccolaro and Valle de Bove, Part 1

Posted on by Michael

After exploring the extreme heights of Mount Etna briefly, we wanted to spend some time at slightly lower altitudes and see what else this fascinating area had to offer. Armed with our inscrutable German map, we made a vague plan to spend the next week or so driving around Etna’s flanks, doing some walks along the way. We left the … Continue reading

Mount Etna, Part 1: Up the mountain

Posted on by Michael

I’ve been so wrapped up in writing software, the blogging has suffered! Time to catch up: Last time I wrote, we’d just left Selinunte, and had spent a night wild-camped on a hill overlooking the quite pleasant scenery near the road towards Mount Etna. So, we drove on, and caught our first glimpse of the volcano’s gigantic snowy peak soon … Continue reading