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Our Winter Migration

Posted on by Michael

Our string of errands in Copenhagen is coming to an end, and we start thinking about what we’ll do next. We’re thinking it’d be nice to see a bit of Germany while we’re up this way, and I get as far as booking myself into an Apple developer event in Berlin, before Katherine’s emergency tooth extraction appointment ends up conflicting … Continue reading

Into France

Posted on by Michael

At long last, the time has come to get our France on! Katherine’s just finished getting patched up at the dentist — the dentist was a very competent guy in his forties, incongruously dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, running the whole place by himself, answering the phone and calling people in from the waiting room. The waiting room had … Continue reading

Genk and Hasselt

Posted on by Michael

We’re staying at an aire outside the town of Genk — it’s pretty much a car park, beside an equestrian centre (slash-mini golf course-slash-skiing centre-slash-planetarium), but we’re at the edge of the parking area, surrounded by woods. It’s the one place I could find — Belgium-wide, amazingly — that was pleasant and not an extortionately expensive camping area, and luckily, … Continue reading

Contursi Terme

Posted on by Michael

We awoke in our dodgy car park in Salerno, walked along the foreshore and visited the same café as yesterday for breakfast — no healthier this time, I’m afraid; it was ricotta-filled pastries and chocolate croissants. Tasty goodness. All fuelled up (Katherine: …and feeling a little queasy), we headed out to attempt a few items on our to-do list, then … Continue reading

Last days in Tunisia

Posted on by Michael

We’ve had a very relaxed and pleasant final few days in Tunisia. The caravan park we found, La Pineta, which is fittingly Italian, was great — we were surrounded by pine trees, parked on gravel with patches of thick grass and bright yellow flowers, right beside the beach. There were lots of little birds around us, including a fascinating long-beaked … Continue reading

Douz through Chott el-Jérid to Gafsa

Posted on by Michael

We’ve spent a few days of ‘down-time’ in Douz, working on projects — an activity we both love at least as much as actually travelling. But, the time has come to move on. Our new German friends Birgit and Deiter had poetically described the amazing view of the stars from out in the desert, and we were keen to see … Continue reading

Douz Market

Posted on by Michael

Every Thursday, everyone who lives anywhere near Douz swarms in from the surrounding villages to join the weekly market. There’s a square underneath the palm trees where animals are bought and sold; lining the sandy streets there are stalls selling second-hand socks, shoes, belts, clothing of every kind, radios, cellphones, kitchen accessories and whitegoods, furniture, generators, satellite dishes, hoses, tools, … Continue reading

Camels in the Sahara

Posted on by Michael

After some back-and-forth between Brahim, the helpful guy at the Douz Camping Club reception with the very throaty Arabic-accented French, and our knowledgeable German friends Birgit and Dieter, we came up with a plan to spend a few hours out in the Sahara on camels. We had the option to do an overnight trip (or even a week-long trip), but … Continue reading

Down-time in Hammamet

Posted on by Michael

We arrived at Camping Samaris near Hammamet with the intention of staying put for a few weeks, and having some time off travel. We got so caught up in projects during that time though, that a few weeks turned into two months. I finished off a project, Talkie, and got it on the market, as well as working on some … Continue reading

Etnapolis, Randazzo, Mount Etna lowlands, Aci Castello

Posted on by Michael

We met Nuccio again the next day, along with Graziella and Nuccio’s mum, who we took an instant liking to, although she didn’t speak English. She had a friendly, playful demeanour that was very disarming. Our plans for the day this time were to visit Etnapolis, a shopping centre south of Etna — Italy’s largest shopping centre, Nuccio told us … Continue reading

Taormina-Messina Rally, Forza D’agro’

Posted on by Michael

We met up with Nuccio again for the next rally, this one outside of a town whose name I never ended up discovering; Carmelo couldn’t make it, but we picked up a friend of Nuccio’s, Salvadore, who we had met briefly on St Martins’ Day, and his son André to join us. Salvadore was a meteorologist, interestingly; the language barrier … Continue reading