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To Rome!

Posted on by Michael

Strike three — or possibly two, or four, I’ve lost count: No Rome for us, the following day after the last entry. We were all ready to go, and then I couldn’t find Paolo to pay for our stay here! I called them up on the mobile, and over the raucous beeping of car horns, they explained they were in … Continue reading

Mobile Broadband in Italy

Posted on by Michael

In Italy, unlike in France, there appears to be no problem with getting a SIM card as a foreigner. You will need your passport or some other form of ID, which will be photocopied, but other than that, it’s very easy. Wind have the most competitive prepaid mobile broadband, by a long shot. Wind We are with Wind in Italy, … Continue reading

Mobile Broadband in France

Posted on by Michael

Bad news in France: The mobile broadband market here is very un-competitive — the French are very behind the times when it comes to 3G. Lame, France. I’m amazed that telcos are allowed to use the word ‘unlimited’ (or rather, illimité), when the quotas behind the scenes are not only present, but so restrictive. Where are the consumer protection organisations … Continue reading

Mobile Broadband in Ireland

Posted on by Michael

Ireland has the same requirements for contracts as UK, so the menu again had only prepaid on it. In the prepaid broadband-ish market, there are only two contenders. 3 This is who we settled on, after failing to get along with Meteor. 3 Ireland are a little challenging for passers-through, as they refuse to sell you pre-paid Internet without selling … Continue reading

Local, prepaid mobile broadband

Posted on by Michael

Notes on mobile broadband options for the countries we visit

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Mobile Broadband in the UK

Posted on by Michael

The English appear to be very funny about offering contracts — even very short ones, like a month — to anyone who hasn’t been living in the UK for less than 3 years. Consequently, all of the contract options were unavailable to us, so prepaid was the only route possible. 3 This is who we’re with in UK. 3 are … Continue reading

Research on mobile broadband

Posted on by Michael

I have, with much assistance from Louise, my ‘virtual assistant’ living in Spain, determined a feasible way to stay connected. The main considerations were Wifi (open/paid) Mobile broadband (3G) from the UK, and roaming Getting a local mobile broadband account upon entry to a new country Mobile satellite The conclusions are: Wifi: Not accessible enough, particularly if we plan to … Continue reading