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Leaving Alet

Posted on by Michael

I know. We’ve been conspicuously silent. So silent, in fact, that a few kind souls have actually written to us to make sure we’re still, you know, alive (thank you, souls!). We have good reason though – we’ve been having a truly splendid creative time working on projects. Katherine’s been busily creating a set of paintings for her Etsy-store-to-be, and … Continue reading

Our mediaeval village home in the Pyrenees

Posted on by Michael

We have taken up residence in a little village situated on the side of the river Aude, in a pretty little valley in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The lay of the land is such that the village is in a warm microclimate — most days are almost spring-like and sunny. The little family-run camping area where we’re staying is … Continue reading

Taking it slow

Posted on by Michael

So far in this leg of our journey, we’ve planned to take things fairly easily. One of the surprises of the past year and a half has been the prominence that our projects has taken: Katherine’s art, and my software development. We both take great enjoyment in “working” — as much, and possibly more, than the actual travelling around. This … Continue reading

Winter in a Country Cottage in Wales

Posted on by Katherine

As I write this, I feel stupidly lucky. This house-sit really couldn’t be any more perfect. It’s quite literally, everything we were hoping for in a house-sit. It’s nestled in a valley amongst gently rolling hills in the picturesque Welsh countryside. The property and surrounding countryside has a generous smattering of those trees with the curly branches that I so … Continue reading

Our Adopted Welsh Cottage

Posted on by Michael

As Katherine said in our last entry, we weren’t too keen on the idea of travelling or being ‘out in the open’ during winter. This was especially true after seeing what late autumn’s rainfall did to the site we were staying on in Truro: It was a miracle that we escaped the boggy mire at all! So, imagine our glee … Continue reading

Settling in again

Posted on by Michael

It would’ve surprised us a few weeks ago, but we’re settled down back in Cornwall! After heading up to visit Sarah, Carmen and Diane, we were originally planning to find somewhere in the area to stop for a bit longer, to finish off our current project. We found no feasible sites that fulfilled our needs though, and the least-worst option … Continue reading

On the road

Posted on by Michael

It’s our fourth day in our new motorhome, and we’re loving it. Being able to take our house wherever we go is just brilliant, and living in it is a bit like being a kid again: Everything is fun and exciting — even doing the dishes. So, here’s the info: It’s a Fiat Hymer B594, ‘A’ Class Fiat Ducato 2.5 … Continue reading