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It would’ve surprised us a few weeks ago, but we’re settled down back in Cornwall! After heading up to visit Sarah, Carmen and Diane, we were originally planning to find somewhere in the area to stop for a bit longer, to finish off our current project. We found no feasible sites that fulfilled our needs though, and the least-worst option was actually more expensive over a month or two than driving back to Cornwall!

So, we set off from Bath to do the four-or-so hour drive back “home”, stopping via a hardware store where (we think) we successfully solved our bed-condensation issue, with a couple of cheap camping mats!

About half-way there, just before Plymouth, my iPhone’s GPS was behaving a bit oddly, as happens from time to time lately, so I rebooted it, and it never came back to life! As it’s our navigation system, I pulled over by the road, pulled out the laptop and tried to coax it back to life, with no success. As a last resort I pulled out my old iPhone, which I keep around for testing, and fired it up, to find its GPS wasn’t working any more! Eek!

Katherine was, in the meantime, rather calm about all this, and in the end her suggested approach — slumming it along with everyone else and following road signs — panned out. Who knew?

So we pulled up in now-familiar Threemilestone, Truro and got down to the rather lengthy business of catching up on our blog and photo-processing.

There was a happy ending to the iPhone hiccup too — I discovered Apple’s online service request facility, ordered a repair, and a box arrived the following day for me to post the sick iPhone off in; two days later, I had a brand new iPhone arrive at the door! Impressive customer service, there.

And now, back to programming!

Home in Cornwall

Out riding

Out riding

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One Response to Settling in again

  1. Tara says:

    Hi guys! Just catching up on all your news, and I must say, I love Katherine’s shoes. Happy biking!

    Oh, and yes, following signs usually works too. :-)