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Visiting the Louvre

Posted on by Michael

Our next foray into town is eminently unsuccessful: We head into town and finally find ourselves some much-missed fish and chips at an English pub called The Bombardier. Our ambitions to see some more of Paris by bike are thwarted completely — first by an embarrassing spontaneous onset of dizziness resulting in my nearly passing out (not my manliest moment!), … Continue reading

The Quiraing: A Place of Near-Mythical Beauty

Posted on by Michael

“What’s that burning thing in the sky??!” Oh — it’s the sun. So it does still exist, then. We jump on the opportunity to do some sight-seeing unmolested by the elements in this rainy, cloudy land, and take off. It’s beautifully clear and sunny, a few delightfully fluffy clouds here and there. We set off back the way we’d come, … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Rome! How exciting! This was our original point of entry into Europe, before we chickened out and changed our flights to London. And just as well, too — we simply couldn’t imagine landing straight from Australia and getting ourselves set up here in this bustling, bewildering metropolis! The drive from Tuscany was quite long but scenic for the most part; … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

Leaving Cinque Terre, we drove out along those winding roads, and back onto the freeway, Michael Jackson and Queen belting out from Jen’s laptap. We drove for quite a while, passing the exit to Piza, and for a time with quite impressive mountains in the distance. Following Nigel’s directions, we eventually found ourselves driving amongst grape vine and olive tree-covered … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

From the ex-battlefields of the Somme, we drove in the direction of Paris, taking the back roads at a relatively leisurely pace. We encountered some trouble when, after seeing a number of route bloqué signs, we eventually realised they were talking about our route, and had to retrace our steps for a considerable distance, in traffic that went at a … Continue reading

Staying in Belfast

Posted on by Michael

The Causeway Coast tour complete, we made our way back to Belfast. On the way, we spent a sneaky night hidden away at a golf club in Galgorm, Ballymena, tucked behind an old brick wall amongst woods on the grounds (I did ask permission – the guys behind the counter said we weren’t really allowed to stay in the car … Continue reading