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Alet-les-Bains in the snowWe were prepared for the snow to be over, with forecast temperatures climbing back into the single positive digits (balmy!), but we are in for a surprise! We get up in the morning to see some fairly serious snow falling from the sky, although the ground is relatively bare. Over the next few hours, it keeps falling steadily, and we watch as the ground becomes increasingly white, then buried! There is a pair of fluffed-up little red-breasted robins chasing each other around outside — it’s a bit like a Christmas card out there.

By early afternoon, there’s about six inches of snow on the ground, and it’s still bucketing down. This is very rare for the area, so we feel pretty fortunate that we get to witness it — we’re in a mediaeval French village, and it’s covered with snow!

We rug up and head out into the transformed world outside…

MG 3825MG 3823

There’re a bunch of people sledding down a big hill which looks pretty fun…

MG 3834

The village looks like something out of a fairy-tale.

Alet-les-Bains in the snowMG 3837

We spend an embarrassingly long time staring at our sleeves, watching snowflakes land. Not having realised that you can actually see snowflakes with the naked eye, we’re captivated by the fleeting geometrical shapes, pointing out particularly impressive specimens to each other.

MG 3849

We head back down the hill and into the twisting alleys of the village — but not before being offered a go on one of the sleds. Katherine’s much too dignified, but me, well, wheee!

MG 3852

More fairy-tale-ness in the village. Everything has little white hats.

Alet-les-BainsMG 3862MG 3863MG 3875MG 3879MG 3883MG 3892MG 3893MG 3902MG 3912

MG 3943

Chilly Jesus is chilly

We’re pretty stoked to have found ourselves in this magical place!

MG 3958

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