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LoopyA few weeks ago — while we were driving to York, as a matter of fact — we launched our latest product, Loopy 2, after about six months’ development. It’s a music creation and performance app, that loops layers of recorded or imported audio. Suffice to say, the days without a laptop were hard, while I was itching to find out about the app’s reception!

So, it’s a relief to have access to “the world” again in Genk, and I’m thrilled to find a bunch of very positive reviews and emails from customers. What’s more exciting for us, Dub Fx, a prominent artist who’s known for creating entire tracks live using layered vocal loops, has generously given us his support!

This video is how I first discovered his work, and it continues to amaze me:

So, Dub Fx was the first person that came to mind when I was preparing to release Loopy: I contacted Cade, his agent, described the app, and asked about the prospect of commissioning Ben to do something with the app. Their response was amazing — they gave me some invaluable feedback on the pre-release version, and proposed that we do a project together soon! What’s more, Ben insisted on putting together a demonstration video for us for free, by way of support, an amazingly generous thing.

So, one morning, I check my email, to find quite a pleasant surprise:

When he released it, the video got a massive response — truly amazing, about 60,000 hits in the first ten days — and was picked up by several prominent news sites. Our jaws drop when I download each day’s sales figures — we see 4-500 sales a day, an order of magnitude greater than we’ve ever seen before.

I’m glued to Google, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube, marvelling at the things people are creating with the app, when I receive an email from Apple: They want to take the app on a worldwide press tour! I’m not quite sure what it means in the long term, but it sounds pretty damn exciting.

So, the launch has been an insanely exciting and gratifying time, and has me wondering if perhaps our plan of owning our own business and having it prosper is within reach after all!

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9 Responses to Launching Loopy

  1. That demo video left me speechless.

    What an awesome app, guys – congrats on its success!

  2. Valentin says:

    Awesome story! Very happy for you, I wish you full success on this!

    Question: you do the design as well as the code?

  3. Awesome demo video ! Nothing better than seeing an app in use, and yours look great.. Plus you have that whole traveling thing I was starting to think about doing..Congrats guys ! If you ever come to the south of France and the city of Montpellier, let us know that’s where we’re based !