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Canal, Gent

Our Motorhome Mishap has been resolved, I’ve an email in my inbox with a photograph of my new student card, and finally, I’ve managed to withdraw the cash I need to buy a new laptop. We drive back to Gent again, and walk into the city centre, thick wad of cash burning a hole in my pocket.

We pay for the laptop, and arrange to pick it up later, after we’ve had a chance to explore Gent a little more.

We wander the cobbled streets, stopping to pick up some coffee and freshly-made waffles, crunchy and sweet. We walk past the castle and along the river, enjoying the feeling of being in a new and different part of the world.

Castle, GentMG 1410 1 2 fusedMG 1423MG 1430MG 1431 2 3 fusedMG 1437

Finally, we pick up my shiny new laptop, and we’re ready to move on! We head eastwards, towards a nice, green aire I discovered just to the east of Hasselt (we’ve been there before): a place to catch up on our blogging, do some travel research, and finally get some work done after being without a computer for a week!

It’s quite nice — still a car park, and not quite the tranquil fields we’ve been used to in the UK, but it’s surrounded by woods, there’s some quite nice bike riding to be done, and there’s both power and a WiFi network nearby.

We’re greatly looking forward to having no more errands to run!

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