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Monthly Archives: June 2009

Katherine’s birthday

Posted on by Michael

Waking up the morning after we arrived at Tiff’s place in Islington, I was feeling pretty sick, so we were working with the theory that I was going to be absolutely useless. This really sucked, because it was Katherine’s birthday, and the last thing we wanted to do was be stuck inside while I sneezed, wheezed and coughed my way … Continue reading

Strolling in London

Posted on by Michael

For the first few days of our new little adventure, we had decided to stay in a nice B&B. Katherine spend a good deal of time researching, and came up with 30 King Henry’s Road. This turned out to be an absolutely brilliant find, as the B&B, a beautiful four-storey mansionesque house with heaps of character, was located in one … Continue reading

Flying metal tubes

Posted on by Michael

After all that preparation and anticipation, the time’s finally arrived to leave this fair land of ours and join the apparent majority of Australia’s young adult population in London (side note: At least four people we know are in London or will be within a couple weeks of us, and more are coming shortly after)! A surprisingly frenetic final evening’s … Continue reading

Stabby fear

Posted on by Michael

One day left. Not tomorrow morning, but the morning after that, we’re getting on a plane to re-invent our lives. We are both getting stabs of fear when we think about it, but that’s probably a sign we’re doing the right thing. As Katherine said earlier, the antidote is to think about the alternative We’ve spent the last week meeting … Continue reading

Freed from the shackles!

Posted on by Michael

Given that my productivity, writing quality and patience have fallen away, and that it’s just a few weeks until we’re off, I’ve come to the fairly delightful conclusion that the best course is to stop writing for a while and focus on preparation for our departure, plus a certain amount of chilling out! Along with the decision, I realised that … Continue reading