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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Equipment: How we’re staying connected to the Internet in Europe

Posted on by Michael

A while ago I wrote about how we’ve been using local, prepaid mobile broadband to get online while we travel. We’ve had pretty good success on that front, even finding a provider in Tunisia! Our most satisfying success was in the UK recently, where 3 unveiled a totally unlimited mobile broadband account. All my Christmases came at once, that day. … Continue reading

7 Links: Airing Out the Archives

Posted on by Michael

We’ve been handed a baton by our friend Keith Savage to continue a travel blogging meme: Taking the blog archives out for some fresh air! Who are we to argue! Time to get reminiscent: Most Popular Siena Duomo – The Gothic Marvel the Renaissance Forgot — When we first heard about this place, we knew we had to go there … Continue reading

Genk and Hasselt

Posted on by Michael

We’re staying at an aire outside the town of Genk — it’s pretty much a car park, beside an equestrian centre (slash-mini golf course-slash-skiing centre-slash-planetarium), but we’re at the edge of the parking area, surrounded by woods. It’s the one place I could find — Belgium-wide, amazingly — that was pleasant and not an extortionately expensive camping area, and luckily, … Continue reading

Launching Loopy

Posted on by Michael

A few weeks ago — while we were driving to York, as a matter of fact — we launched our latest product, Loopy 2, after about six months’ development. It’s a music creation and performance app, that loops layers of recorded or imported audio. Suffice to say, the days without a laptop were hard, while I was itching to find … Continue reading