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When we got up the next morning, it was drizzling and windy outside — hardly auspicious cycling weather, so our hopes of going on a ride around the nearby parts of the national park were dashed. We dithered around for the rest of the morning, had lunch, then decided to head out on foot instead, and do a small circuit of the nearby hills.

We put on our wet weather gear, and headed out into the afternoon. Fairly quickly we were grateful that we’d left our bikes — the path we took climbed some rather significant slopes, so our ride would’ve been primarily bike-pushing. As it was, we ambled along the lane, bordered by fields with views out over the surrounding hills and valleys, took a turn along the public bridleway, met some curious Exmoor ponies along the way, and made our gradual way back to the nearby village and back along the main road home.



Mossy tree

We loved the way the roots of this tree actually made up the boundary between fields:

Field boundary


Exmoor Ponies


We stayed one more night at the CL in Exmoor, then headed off down the little country lanes, towards Bath.

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