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Local, prepaid mobile broadband

Posted on by Michael

Notes on mobile broadband options for the countries we visit

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Mobile Broadband in the UK

Posted on by Michael

The English appear to be very funny about offering contracts — even very short ones, like a month — to anyone who hasn’t been living in the UK for less than 3 years. Consequently, all of the contract options were unavailable to us, so prepaid was the only route possible. 3 This is who we’re with in UK. 3 are … Continue reading

Research on mobile broadband

Posted on by Michael

I have, with much assistance from Louise, my ‘virtual assistant’ living in Spain, determined a feasible way to stay connected. The main considerations were Wifi (open/paid) Mobile broadband (3G) from the UK, and roaming Getting a local mobile broadband account upon entry to a new country Mobile satellite The conclusions are: Wifi: Not accessible enough, particularly if we plan to … Continue reading