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Nettle’s birthday

Posted on by Michael

We’re terrible with this date stuff — it just occurred to me to check, and we’ve lived in Nettle for a year, a week, and four days now. Happy birthday, Nettle! It’s interesting reading through the first blog entry after we got Nettle — particularly, the comparatively low cost of fuel (we pay $25 AUD per 100kms now, as opposed … Continue reading

Energy notes

Posted on by Michael

These are my fairly raw notes from working through our energy availability issue after getting some help on — running 2 laptops all day, self-sufficiently, to allow us to wild-camp more. I couldn’t find a solution that was sufficiently satisfactory to lure us away from paid, powered sites. If we get desperate, we may buy a generator one day, … Continue reading

Lessons and Observations

Posted on by Michael

Here are some things we’ve learned so far, both logistical and otherwise. First and foremost: We’re finding that travel by motorhome is a wonderful way to see the world. It allows one to immerse in the world far more than other kinds of travel, especially when ‘wild-camping’ out in it; it permits travelling at one’s own pace, with the ability … Continue reading