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A Week of Tantalising Teasers for our Upcoming iPhone App for Travellers

Posted on by Katherine

Paper maps are becoming obsolete but it doesn’t mean we have to lose their vintage beauty and romantic charm. Interested in having this tasty nugget of travel app goodness on your iPhone? In one week – on 18th November to be specific – all will be revealed. Win 1 of 15 Free Copies of The Cartographer Subscribe to our newsletter … Continue reading

Appetiser Week!

Posted on by Katherine

As you may or may not be aware, we’re about to release a new iPhone app – it’s just been submitted for review! It’s an app that we’ve been working on for almost a year and blows everything we’ve previously done out of the water. We’ll be providing sneak peaks on the blog in a week’s time, so if you … Continue reading

The Business Side of Technomading: Anti-Marketing Marketing

Posted on by Katherine

We feel so green with regard to all of this business stuff it’s easy to forget we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way. There’s so much information out there about running a business that it’s pretty overwhelming for someone who’s starting from scratch and it’s difficult to know where to begin. I haven’t actually read any conventional books … Continue reading

Launching Our New Blog Series: The Business Side of Technomading

Posted on by Katherine

It occurred to me the other day that we should be blogging about our software development business, A Tasty Pixel — our hopes for it, our progress, our setbacks. Is it madness that this only occurred to me 15 months into our technomading lifestyle?! At the moment our business is absolutely all-consuming. Five months ago we decided to stop travelling … Continue reading

Down-time in Hammamet

Posted on by Michael

We arrived at Camping Samaris near Hammamet with the intention of staying put for a few weeks, and having some time off travel. We got so caught up in projects during that time though, that a few weeks turned into two months. I finished off a project, Talkie, and got it on the market, as well as working on some … Continue reading