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Bath: Third Time’s the Charm

Posted on by Katherine

It’s strange, I’ve been to Bath three times and have had three birthdays in England, yet I’ve only spent a total of about three months in this country. They say the third time’s the charm and I think, on this occasion at least, it certainly is. Mike and I were staying just outside of town and cycled in via some … Continue reading

A Quick Jaunt Through the Cotswolds

Posted on by Katherine

The CL we’d booked for our stay in Bath was the very same one we’d stayed at this time last year when we’d just bought Nettle. My memory of it was a bit fuzzy but when I saw the horses it all came flooding back like it was yesterday. I remember waking up in the morning and seeing those same … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

After our long walk, and quite possibly over-staying our welcome at Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park we moved on, to one of the certificated locations in Keynsham, a half-hour-or-so drive from Bath, and a relatively pleasant and uneventful drive from Bath Chew Valley. Much more sensibly-priced — something like £5/night. This was a grassy field next door to two very … Continue reading

Bishop Sutton

Posted on by Michael

Having just loaded our bags into our new motorhome, who we’ve decided to call Nettle, and found places for things (still sitting in Steve the dealer’s driveway), we spent a little while online searching for a place to stay for the first night. We wanted somewhere close, but the best candidate was completely full, so we settled on one in … Continue reading