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Taking it slow

Posted on by Michael

So far in this leg of our journey, we’ve planned to take things fairly easily. One of the surprises of the past year and a half has been the prominence that our projects has taken: Katherine’s art, and my software development. We both take great enjoyment in “working” — as much, and possibly more, than the actual travelling around. This … Continue reading

Staying in Solihull

Posted on by Michael

While setting ourselves up with a motorhome, we stayed in Solihull, a borough just outside of Birmingham where my grandparents grew up. We were picked up from the train station by Trevor, my something-cousin-something-removed and Keith, his father in law, my grandfather’s brother, and therefore my great uncle (I’m getting good at this) and driven to Keith and Olga’s (my … Continue reading


Posted on by Michael

We’ve found our new home! The whole thing went infinitely more smoothly than we expected — it was the second motorhome we looked at, too. In Birmingham (specifically, Solihull), we stayed with Keith and Olga, my great aunt and uncle, and met Trevor and Jane, my…first cousin, once removed, according to Yahoo answers, and her husband. They are fulltime motorhomers … Continue reading