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Monthly Archives: April 2009

French notes: Conjugation

Posted on by Michael

The bane of every French student, or so I hear. Here’re my notes on conjugation. (in progress)

Sitting around reading Europe travel books

Posted on by Michael

Fire going, glass of wine, banana cake and radio

Booked a B&B

Posted on by Michael

We’ve finally booked our accommodation in London (or rather, started the somewhat manual booking process). It’s all happening.

Campervan purchasing notes

Posted on by Michael

Some research on buying a campervan in Europe. Note: This post is a work in progress

French notes: Grammar basics & Verbs

Posted on by Michael

I’ve been keeping my notes on French in the note-keeping software Evernote, but in the interests of flexibility, persistence and avoiding Evernote’s nasty editor bugs, I’m going to start keeping them here. So far, we’ve been learning in a fairly ad-hoc fashion, using the Pimsleur French audio book series, which doesn’t really contain a written component, and takes a very … Continue reading